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L Y N  M A R L E R

Self-taught Artist and Dreamer

The Lotus Flower Poem
A little seed beneath the surface

The seed feels safe and sound,

But in reality the seed is stuck

In the darkness underground


If only the seed knew

How it would bloom if it just saw the light,

The little seed confuses happiness with the familiar mud,

Because the mud keeps the seed snug n’tight


And don’t blame the mud

For keeping the seed trapped,

The seed should be those whom is blamed

For choosing the mud to adapt


The seed, at any point

Can choose to escape,

But only on its own motivation 

May the seed allow its lotus petals to take shape


- Lyn Marler 2021

"Sleep Paralysis"
"Sleep Paralysis"
"Sleep Paralysis"
"Sleep Paralysis"
"Love Lyn" Nov 2021
"Love Lyn" Nov 2021
"Love Lyn" Nov 2021
"Love Lyn" Nov 2021
Untitled 8.jpeg
The Gathering ​ “The Gathering” is a 24x36 painting I created using oil paint.This piece represents all the lessons I’ve learned about dining. The first oyster roast I attended, I learned that no one actually enjoys oysters. So why do so many people host an event surrounded by a food that only a few find pleasurable?  My favorite part about an oyster roast is getting ready, and then while I am there, talking to everyone about how gross oysters are. Sometimes it is not about the actual flavor of the food, but rather the experience surrounding it.  In the painting, above the table stands two girls in big hats. The style I chose to paint these girls is inspired by my favorite artist Johnathan Green. His artwork depicts Gullah scenes of the south, but honestly growing up when I saw the big hats and the big dresses with dark complexions, I also saw myself in those paintings. “The Gathering” depicts my ideal dining scene. Everyone gets to share conversation amongst each other, and everyone g
"Mama's Sunset"Acrylic on Canvas December 2021
"Mama's Sunset"
Lyn Little Black Dress
Sundays Mission
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