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November: Focusing on the Sweet Things In Life

I struggle a lot with time management. Specifically, I work with deciding on whom and where I should invest my time. A great rule of thumb is to only invest in the things that bring you joy. Sometimes I struggle knowing what brings me joy because the opinion of others heavily influences me, so now, before I go places, I ask MYself what my intentions of being there and are going to be met are.

Am I going:

- to bring joy to others?

- to have fun?

- To network?

Things that bring me joy include children, my neighbors, art, uplifting friends, going to fancy restaurants, beautiful clothes, and giving to others.

Things that don’t bring me joy: Snapchat, going out, gossip, watching tv.

I also struggle with choosing who to invest in, and I'm learning how the answer is simple. Only invest in people who:

- Invest in you

- Enjoy your presence

- Encourage your passions

- Encourage you to be a better person

It’s okay to be selfish in who you choose to invest in. You have to be selfish in who you support because ✨you are most like the people you spend your time with ✨ and at the end of the day, it’s not social media/ or your friends that determines your happiness. You are:)

So who do you want to be?

This weekend, I only chose to invest time into things that bring me joy. Focus my thoughts on memories/moments that bring me joy. I spent my money on something that brought me joy. I gave to others who would appreciate my happiness, and I was rewarded with more fun! Cheers to having my first pop-up, and cheers to spontaneously participating in my second pop-up the following day. I choose to invest my weekend in the things I love, and I am beyond overwhelmed with love and support, and I met so many people who share my interests! Cheers to investing time into what you want and celebrating others to do so too! On that no note, I’m taking no new clients for 7 dollar haircuts, lmao. Haircuts do not bring me enough joy

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