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November 2021: Finding my Aesthetic

Updated: May 21, 2022

This past semester I’ve been trying to figure out how to brand myself. In my opinion, it’s not the talent that makes an artist unique, but it’s their style instead because their style is what makes them different.

A few weeks ago, I went out to a bar for the first time in months, and I caught myself and my friend mingling amongst the elderly on the outside patio. Yeah, I was at a college bar talking to two old ladies, and this is a typical activity for me. So it dawned on me: my aesthetic, my brand…

It’s grandma

I wouldn’t advertise myself as your typical average 19-year-old. My favorite hobbies include cooking, cleaning, going on strolls, and knitting. On weekends you’ll find me playing board games on the side porch rather than out socializing. My toxic traits include lousy driving, taking my sweet time, and not being good with technology/never being on my phone. I prefer all my dresses to be below the knee and my favorite gift to give and receive are fresh flowers. And lord blesses, my nickname is Lyn.

I am super thrilled about this China cabinet. It is the first piece I’ve created that I can proudly claim as mine. It’s ✨Lyn ✨

Follow @lyn.darlings on instagram to see more of my work and join me on my journey of building my brand.

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