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March: Potential Burnout Zone

On a rainy day, as I was leaving my house, my feet slipped out, and in front of me, my phone cracked, and the screen disappeared. It took two weeks until I could afford to get my phone fixed. Those two weeks was the time of my life. I was so productive!! I had to get creative on ways to avoid having a phone. For example, I print google maps out before I leave my house so I wouldn’t get lost. I also made so many friends on the street! For some strange reason, I struggle with texting people to hang out. This month I kept running into acquaintances on King Street and then just spending the rest of the day with them, and it’s been fantastic, and now I have new

friends. I also struggled at the beginning of the month with the idea that I couldn’t participate in spring break. Luckily, I didn’t even have access to social media, so rather than wasting time having FOMO, I spent all my energy on my work and could celebrate my friends who got to go on spring break.

Also, in March, I discovered I’m a workaholic. This is my current schedule:

8 am-11 am: online store

11am -4pm: commissions

4 pm-10: hostess job

10-12 pm: More art

Currently, I love my schedule. I have no complaints. I’m also aware that if I continue this cycle, I will get burnt out very soon. The problem with pursuing my passion is that I don’t know where to stop. I love socializing, and I will always prioritize my love over everything—central RED LIGHT. I am entirely giving 100% of myself to my artwork. Never give 100% of yourself to anything because if something happens, you could risk losing 100% of yourself at the end of it.

So my goal for April is that one day a week needs to be designated for relaxation and anything unrelated to art.

On the other hand, I am a perfectionist who has very high personal standards, and this month, I am proud of myself for the first time in a long time. I have areas where I can improve, not only in my career but also as a human being. I’ve been working on getting a hold of my life and staying true to who I am in my decisions. It is so great to feel confident again, and I’m happy that my life is encouraging others.

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