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January: Owning the Now

Throughout January, there has been a common theme expressed to me in various ways 💫 Life starts now. Life is now. 💫

Bob Ross and I have become pretty tight recently. While watching his show “The Joy of Painting,” one statement Bob said that stuck with me is that an artist should never plan their artwork because within the time they took to design their artwork, they could’ve had a million pieces done. While this quote was intended to be applied to the canvas, I’ve learned it’s a concept that can also be used in my life.

Humans are wired to live for the “next.” In middle school, we were preparing for high school. In high school, we were preparing for college. Once I got my college acceptance letters, I thought that would be its end. But a few months later, I was in college… preparing to be out. We live for the chase, but we need to live.

Now, I’m out of college, and I am still running into the same issue.

I want to be a gallery artist. I want people to see my signature and know that it is associated with all things beautiful. But I’ve come across an issue: the actual cost of being an Artist. I have to make five canvases before showing my work to the galleries to prove consistency. The problem is that I have been unemployed for a month and art supplies are expensive.

So what’s my solution?

In Matthew McConaughey’s Greenlight, he says, “we know what we want to do. Knowing when to do it is the hardest part.”

I know what I want. What I want is a name for myself. While I planned on postponing my gallery dream until I had a steady job, I've realized this is silly—no more postponing goals. I don’t need to chase my dreams, and I need to make them happen. I never expected to be back doodling my little house sketches in my bedroom instead of painting gigantic masterpieces on Canvas. But I am aware that where I am right now in my life is exactly where I am supposed to be. So I gotta own the “now.”

You have to own it too.

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