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January: 19, dropped out of school, unemployed, and I live alone

Someone get me a job. Recently I’ve been treating myself every day and justifying that I’m just “practicing self-love”

Also, life update: yesterday E helped me work up the courage to finally walk into the Hotel Bennett and ask for a job application. I’ve wanted to work there forever. I even applied there in the summertime. I honestly fantasized about working there so much that I got so scared to walk inside. It’s intimidating… there’s only one front door, and it’s a huge hotel. I want to work at Hotel Bennett because of the travel benefits. But the REAL reason I want to work at Hotel Bennett is that realistically if I’m going to be a struggling artist in Charleston, I highly doubt I will be able to afford a car for my kids. I want to prove to my kids that you can do work if you don’t have a car. That’s why I am applying to the Hotel within walking distance. I want to get an internship at an interior design building within walking distance. I bought a basket for my bike to ride to Publix for a five-dollar sushi Wednesdays. I occasionally walk over the bridge to my favorite breakfast joint… @viscousbiscuit. So sorry future kids, but life is what you make it

Also, to mention Elizabeth and me entirely, we were on our way to a bar when we walked up to the front desk at Hotel Bennett. That goes to show you that there’s never a wrong time to start chasing your dreams 💫 And if they don’t hire me at that specific Hotel, there is always the Dewberry (another hotel that is just an extra block away), AND if that fails, I signed up to be a flight attendant in March anyways.

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