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February: Red Lights and Greenlights

February has been all about understanding signals. I’ve been reading Matthew McConaughey’s book, “Greenlight,” and it’s crazy how it applies to my life. Recently I’ve been thrown great opportunities but trying to decipher whether or not these opportunities are green or red lights has been difficult. 75% of my life is fantastic, but the other 25% is pure chaos. The same week I started my hostess job, I also decided to pull a business out of thin air completely. Website and everything… Man

aging these two jobs while learning to do them simultaneously was a recipe for disaster. Also, the adjustment to being employed caused conflict in my schedule with my social life. I realized I was running through red lights when I received these two notifications simultaneously, “There are currently two seats available in flight attendant school” and “does noon work tomorrow for your bike taxi interview?”. MAJOR RED LIGHT! Why did I sign up to be a bike taxi when I started two new full-time jobs?

Being aware of your flaws is critical. One of my most significant flaws is that I get super excited and jump into too many things at once. Once I realized I was overwhelmed, I called my mom and asked her to drive down and help me get my life in order. Towards the end of the month, my mom made me realize living alone is not lonely, and everyone is just a phone call away. Loneliness is a choice. Like choosing happiness, choosing to surround yourself with people and being vulnerable (in most circumstances) is an option. Another concept I learned is understanding something fully before approaching it. I hate reading instructions, but tutorials are there for a reason. No instructions=chaos

Lastly, I am learning to accept the direction of where I am heading. After all, I did choose this direction. I feel like I am constantly adjusting to a new schedule, and every time I get comfortable with the people I surround myself with, something changes. After a while, it's frustrating meeting new people repeatedly. But I am learning that your neighbors are temporary and appreciate the moments and the lessons you learn from them while you have them.

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