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December 14, 2021: Time to Rest

Updated: May 21, 2022

Hello! So I finished working my full-time job a week earlier than expected. I now have seven full days ( before I leave on my family vacation).

I feel like I haven’t been able to choose my schedule by working full-time. By the time I get home from work, I’m too tired to do extreme socialization or go on any adventures like I typically would. So I was very excited to have seven days off because I finally get to take control of what I want my days to look like. My immediate reaction to having this many days off was to make social plans. Fortunately, many of my social goals fell through. Not to think too deeply into everything, but this made everything very clear for me.

These next few days NEED to be about rest.

Anyone that has kept up with me this past semester knows that I was juggling: full-time nanning, working at a boutique, taking classes at a technical school, cutting hair, being a tailor, doing art, managing a social life, and was traveling away from Charleston most weekends all at the same time.

While I didn’t feel too much stress throughout the semester, anxiety sure did show silly ways to express itself in my body. I didn’t sleep most nights, and I would throw up everything for many days. But the funny part is I never really gave myself time to slow down and see the real issue. I was too busy.

So as I move forward within this week, I choose to prioritize rest.

This means I am choosing to be still. Catch up on some reading. Do some self-care. Do some laundry. Sit in my bed. Leave texts unanswered. Watch documentaries. Finish my unfinished projects. Build a morning routine

This week is all about resetting and reevaluating my priorities. If you feel you are in a rut, try setting away time to rest and be in your thoughts. Thank you to all my friends who have been strongly encouraging me to do this and Emma Chamberlain for inspiring me and her podcast.

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