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April: Holy Moly, is this my big break?

April has been the month of first impressions and networking. In two days, I convinced three companies to sell my products and convinced someone to allow me to make their logo. And don’t be convinced that I accomplished this purely out of luck either.

The day I realized my key to success was when I wore my Black pearl headband to work at my hotel hostess job. I found my audience. I never had so many people interested in my life at one shift. I was attracting all the wealthy older adults. They loved “my pearl headband and my PEARL smile” and “oooooh, she’s an artist too! Lyn! She’s so charming”. I found out my feather earrings attract the brides; they always come up to me because they like my earrings.

All of you should see me when I wake up. I’m hideous. Not recognizable. I walk on king street in sweats… no one pays attention.


I get ready in 15 minutes in the morning. Slip-on a dress. Boom. Free things always.

Headband🤝attracts the elders

Earrings 🤝 attract brides

Another theory is that you have to be personal. I try and approach every human as if I know them. This took so much practice. But so many people willfully tell me their deepest darkest secrets right when they meet me. And I’ll keep them! But this only works if you're genuine. No one’s going to trust you if you're not honest.

It’s all an illusion. I’m surrounded by so much beauty, but the reality is that everything I own is thrifted and painted over or a DIY. You truly got to fake til you make it. And then, eventually, it will become a reality. In the past, my furniture flips were a fun craft, and now they are designer pieces 💎

Two months ago, I was looking for a marketing internship, and now I’m currently hiring a marketing intern… illusions at its finest. Know your audience. Show them what they want to see, and you will be rewarded. Notice nothing in this recap has been about my artwork itself. I sell my artwork before I even show it, just based on my first impression. Appearance and interactions are everything. Everything

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