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Howdy, I'm Lyn!

Howdy! I'm a freelance graphic designer based in the charming city of Charleston, SC. My artwork is a reflection of my bright, playful, whimsical, and loving personality, a true embodiment of the joy I find in life. You'll often catch me spending my days creating on the beach, drawing inspiration from the coastal beauty that surrounds me.

With a palette of vibrant hues and a touch of silliness, I aim to bring joy and a sense of playfulness to your world through my art. Coastal accents are a staple in my creations, a nod to my love for the beach and the serenity it brings to my creative process. Each piece I craft is infused with a sprinkle of love and a dash of whimsy, inviting you to join me in a world where laughter and happiness prevail.

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