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About Me

I am 19, and originally from Greenville, SC. Now, I live in Charleston, right off of the lovely King Street! I have always loved creating, but never wanted to pursue art in college. Throughout high school, I did a lot of assignments and commissions for art, but never created anything of my own.


March 2020, my senior year of high school, the pandemic hit. Quarantine just so happened to be my renaissance period. Within the many weeks of quarantine, I spent a lot of time working on new skills. I learned how to sew, play guitar, cook, and I even started my own customized painted denim business, called “Flavored Lynen”. When the time came to start my freshman year of college, I attended Clemson University, where I studied Architecture.


College was nothing like I expected.


My grades quickly plummeted and for the first time in my life, I suffered from really bad anxiety. After having many, many panic attacks with no end in sight, I finally discovered that painting and creating calmed me down.


While attending The College of Charleston during my spring semester of freshman year, I would often skip my classes to go to Folly Beach, where I would spend the day painting as a way to escape my anxiety. 

After attending three different schools in the span of 3 semesters, I decided that I could no longer picture myself getting a degree. From then, I decided to paint my own story.  It took 15 years of creating for me to realize that art is not just my hobby, art is my passion!

January 1st, 2022: I quit school. I quit my part-time job working at a boutique. I quit my full-time job nannying. I had a completely brand new start. A completely blank canvas.


After this, I started working my behind off to create…. LYN


I currently work at a Hotel Restaurant as a hostess a few evenings a week here in Charleston, South Carolina. In the rest of my time, I paint, I draw, I cook, I read, I water my plants, I sew, I bike, I go on adventures, and occasionally darty (day party) at frat parties. As for my career, I'm not sure exactly what direction I plan to head in yet. I have the tendency to change my path every week as I have lots of goals and dreams of things I want to experience in my lifetime. At the end of the day, I hope that I can combine my love for traveling, art, fashion, and interior design, to create beautiful and meaningful artwork that can paint a smile on all my neighbors' faces.

Make yourself at home and explore my page! I’m happy  your here!

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